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Insuring a rental vehicle: what do I really need?

Car rental insurance is something many of us don’t think about until we get to the rental counter. There we often just guess, wondering if we really need the coverage they offer. Don’t leave your decisions to guesswork. The truth is you probably don’t need everything they’re selling. Here’s our advice.  Step 1. What coverage do you have? Your first step is easy. Call us to clarify what your auto insurance covers and whether it extends to a rental car, truck or trailer. Just as important, ask what your policy doesn’t cover. Tell us...
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What to know before you shop for a car

"This information brought to you by Kronk & Scaggs Insurance, Inc., a proud member of Professional Independent Agents Association of Ohio Inc." --- What “options” are you legally required to buy? Confused about what is and isn’t required when buying or leasing a vehicle? Ohio law requires drivers to meet financial responsibility requirements, which can be done by purchasing liability insurance. In addition, when leasing or financing a vehicle, those contracts require you to have physical damage insurance coverage. Beyond that, here are answers to common questions asked about dealer options.* Read more